Harness Stand Parakeet Budgie  (AE)

Harness Stand Parakeet Budgie (AE)

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1. Develop Bird Balance - suspended rope bridges encourage birds to crawl, play and jump from stairs to stairs. This will help to develop their balance ability and achieve the best foot health.
2. Bright and Vibrant Colors - each bead is dyed in a variety of bright colors with pet-safe food dyes. Bright colors make ladders more attractive to your pets.
3. Made of natural wood - the stairs and all the beads on this bird's staircase are made of 100% natural wood, which is a sustainable and environmental-friendly material. Your bird will enjoy the feeling of natural habitat.
4. Durable and Flexible - every ladder and bead of bird ladder is connected by solid steel wire. This wire is very strong, durable and flexible. It allows hanging easily on the cage.
5. New Decoration- it can be a beautiful and interesting decoration for the bird cage to make the life of your bird colorful.


Item Type:Pet Toy
Toys Type:Climbing Toy
Target Audience:Birds
Size(S,length,width):6.89"/17.5 cm,2.36"/6 cm
Size(M,length,width):11.81"/30 cm, 2.36"/6 cm
Size(L,length,width):15.35"/39 cm,2.36"/6 cm
Size(XL,length,width):18.90"/48 cm,2.36"/6 cm
Package Include:
1x Bird Climbing Toy