Portable Small Animals Carrier Warm Sleeping Travel Hanging Bag   (AE)

Portable Small Animals Carrier Warm Sleeping Travel Hanging Bag (AE)

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The pet owners may fears the security and comfort of their pets during travel. This pet carrier bag will give your pet comfort and security. You can use this carrier to carry your pet along with you anywhere as you want, which also provides a comfortable sleeping space for your pet. The top mesh offers enough airflow and visibility for your pet to see what is going on outside. The carrier has a adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. 

1. Thick short plush material is washable and warm for the pet to stay in.
2. Suitable for carrying rat, hamster, mouse, squirrel, chinchilla, hedgehog and other similar animals.
3. Mesh at the top of the bag to provide adequatefresh air for your pet.
4. Adjustable strap is comfortable to carry.
5. Zip closure is safe, convenient and easy to let the pet in and out.

Material: Short Plush
Color: Leopard Purple, Leopard Pink, Leopard Yellow (Optional)
Size: S (13 * 18cm / 5 * 7inch), M (18 * 22cm / 7 * 9inch) , L (21 * 25cm / 8 * 10inch)(Optional)
Strap Length: 1m / 39inch
Weight: 45-86g
Type: Pet Carrier Bag

Function: Outdoor Pet Carrier or Other Uses